Our Plesk extension got an update. To make it short: it is the best extension we developed so far and we are far from stopping.


  • Version bump to 2.0-1
  • Easy Setup with API Key and Secret
  • Single Sign On to our Nimbusec Portal
  • Improved Configuration for domain scanning
  • Feedback! Success or Fail messages tell you about the current action you performed
  • And a lot under the hood..
  • Available now in the Plesk Catalogue

We are working on getting the extension into the Plesk marketplace. This will make the integration as seamless as possible. Until then, it is required to have an active Nimbusec account and access to the Nimbusec Website Security Monitor (Nimbusec Portal).

Just get support@nimbusec.com a mail and a nice person on the other side will help you setup the account with the necessary API credentials.

After providing API key and secret you get now an overview of your domains and which you could register in our portal for security scanning. Just select the ones you want to scan with a specific plan and you are all set.

Last but not least you want also your website source to be scanned. That is done by the Nimbusec Agent, which comes automatically with the extension. Activate it by checking the checkboxes below. You may also allow the Agent to download handcrafted signatures from our servers at runtime which significantly increases the detection rate of malware. If you want to activate this option please also set “Yara” active.

Full Docs: https://kb.nimbusec.com/Integrations/Plesk

The future:

As the extension gets more and more popular, we will update it more often with the features asked by our customers -> YOU. We really appreciate your feedaback.

The next big thing is, that you see the alerts and warnings directly in the extension itself and can manage them.

At this point thank you for using Nimbusec in conjunction with the Plesk extension.

The Nimbusec Team