Due our plesk extension does not really update our server agent, but it has to be done from time to time there is an easy way to accomplish this task.

The following steps will only update the server agent and won’t mess with your Plesk <> nimbusec configuration

First thing to do is to connect to your Plesk server via SSH.

The nimbusec agent is located in the nimbusec-agent-integration folder, which gets created by Plesk during installation of our extension. Usually this folder resides in /usr/local/psa/var/modules/nimbusec-agent-integration. This folder should contain a agent.config file as well as the agent binary.

# lets change to the nimbusec-agent-integration folder on your plesk server<br></br>
cd /usr/local/psa/var/modules/nimbusec-agent-integration```

Now lets download the agent-downloader from [Github](https://github.com/nimbusec-oss/agent-downloader). This little tool makes it pretty easy to download the nimbusec server agent. You will also find the source code and documentation there.

download the agent-downloader from github

wget https://github.com/nimbusec-oss/agent-downloader/releases/download/1.1/agent-downloader-linux-amd64```

Once downloaded you can run it by hand following the instructions (selecting the correct version from a list) OR you run it in headless mode, like suggested in our sample here.
Don’t forget to replace the ABC with your current API credentials. If you don’t know them exactly, you can review or create them directly in the nimbusec portal below Token for API.

# run the agent-downloader<br></br>
bash agent-downloader-linux-amd64 -key <ABC> -secret <ABC> -headless```

Finally to “install” the new agent, we will backup the old one and replace it with the downloaded version.

backup old agent and replace with new one

mv agent agent.old

mv nimbusagent-linux-64bit-13.bin agent```

At last, check your work by checking the permissions of the old and new agent.

Comment below if you have questions or get into direct contact.