Hope we come back to some monthly or at least regularly product updates soon. Not that we weren't working during the last months since the post in may.

But let's start with the real news

Roundup about what's new

Nimbusec Discovery

  • New page: Certificate Analysis
  • New feature: Add individual inputs to scheduled reports
  • Improved Export on all pages. Better machine readable or better to use in Excel.
  • Internal: Improved Logging
  • Fix: wrong request to robots.txt which happened sometimes after a fresh login

Website Security Monitor

  • New feature: Export button on Dashboard
  • Improved text messages
  • Improved expiry limits for certificates (e.g. we don't warn 2 weeks in advance for Let's Encrypt certificates)
  • Improved Deep Scan Crawler (a lot)
  • Improved application issue alerts
  • API/Backend: fetch real IP address from websites through proxies
  • Internal: a lot of code refactoring, leaner design, summer cleanup

New feature coming

  • Agent malware detection ++
  • Tags for domains
  • A new tool/product which will change your view on your infrastructure ^^

Discovery Release Details

New page: Certificate Analysis

There is a new navigation option for reports.

On this page you can see (and of course export) information about your used certificates.

You can analyse:

  • Certificate Chain
  • Validity Date
  • Analyse Signature Algorithm

In case we found issues on certificates, you'll see the usual red or yellow bubbles noting:

  • Hostname Mismatch
  • Certificate Provider not trusted
  • Protocol vulnerable
  • Ciphersuite vulnerable

When imported into a spreadsheet app you can do powerful analysis to find out which certificates will expire soon, or have CA's which may not be trusted in the near future.

Here you get an overview about the used certificates in one place.

New feature: Add individual inputs to scheduled reports

To define a scheduled report until now, you had to do a "Search" and use some tricks or us, to get all wanted inputs for this report configured.

Now you create a report with specific inputs, and once you are satisfied with the outcome, add the used inputs to your scheduled inputs directly from the report - fast and easy.

And of course, you can remove inputs when they are not used anymore, anytime from settings.

Add one or all inputs for your scheduled report

When was it released?

Well, during the last few months when a feature or fix was ready. The latest release took place just before writing this article on 19.09.2018.