Are you still running your commercial website on your own server in the office or even in your apartment?

Probably not. Today most of the world’s 288 million websites[1] are run on servers of professional webhosting providers. These companies are specialists in running and maintaining massive server farms and provide an essential part of the Internet’s heart and soul.

Once a year the webhosting industry meets in a peculiar place: Rust, a little village in the rural South-West of Germany is not only home to one of Europe’s largest theme parks but also to “” – the innovative sector’s leading trade show.

More than 6000 visitors learn about the newest developments in web server technology. Industry leaders like AMD, Symantec and Microsoft present the hottest cutting edge products. Most exhibitors and visitors have been regular attendees for years.

In 2015 all well-known stakeholders were present again, yet something had changed. A new, enthusiastic bunch of software engineers from Austria sparked the interest of long served IT veterans: After almost three years of development the Cumulo team pulled the curtain from its most valued accomplishment: nimbusec!

Our booth was not only located at the geographic center of, but also advanced fast into the center of attention. During three subsequent days our team answered all questions concerning “malware”, “defacement” and “blacklisting”. Expert talks were held in English, German and even French. Countless business cards changed hands.

At the end we could not believe the great outcome of this show – it really seems like we presented the right solution at the right time.

Back home our telephone lines, internet routers and coffee machine are now running 24/7 to deliver on the promises we have made. Keep your eyes open: nimbusec might soon arrive at your webhosting provider!