Anniversary Release!

We have had our 4th anniversary in March. And looking back those years a lot happened in the background, but only few things on the frontend. Until now.

  • announcing a completely refreshed design
  • usability improvements (favorites, settings, … )
  • better performance
  • some bugfixes

We have put the navigation tabs in the top right menu. There are now fewer places for menu items which can be found easier and faster.

We moved from FontAwesome icons to material design icons. In our impression they just fit better and give the portal a fresher look. Talking of usability: Buttons are now visible as buttons and they often have also text included which makes it easier to find out what action will be triggered after.

Introducing the first version of an audit log. Lots of times we were asked where the resolved, ignored and false-positive results disappear. The answer was always that we don’t delete them immediately, but we also don’t show them anymore anywhere. Until now. Account admins have now the overview of what happened in their account.

Good to know: When working on results and run an action (resolve, ignore, fp) on them, you can also provide a short comment.

Best of the last month: We have added 2 factor authentication to all Nimbusec services. Available as second factor is

  • Security keys using the FIDO U2F standard
  • Verification code via Google Authenticator from Google Play or App Store
  • Verification code via text message

Under the hood

Four years ago we started implementing everything in Java. And it was a good decision that time. But lately we develop more likely in Go ( A few reasons are:

  • it’s faster in development AND when running in production environments
  • libraries are great
  • good tooling
  • fun developing

We also moved from a lot of virtual machines to a Docker swarm and we are very close to continuous deployments – but we really like to push the buttons for deployment ourselves and at least have a reason to earn us a release-🍺.

Hope you liked this one. If there are any upcoming issues or questions nevermind to ask us directly anytime.