Nimbusec Blacklist and Reputation issues have recently received a major update by the introduction of a new Nimbusec Blacklist.

The current threat landscape implies that indicators for compromised websites are changing very quickly. Often a compromised website is only modified by an additional JavaScript that is loaded from an external resource.  We found that existing open-source blacklists containing malicious domains are not as complete as we would like for our service. Therefore, we introduced the Nimbusec Blacklist to be able to alert requests done to known malicious resources as complete and as quickly as possible.

The Nimbusec Blacklist is supervised by Nimbusec's security analysts. This means that multiple threat intelligence sources from within and outside  Nimbusec are combined into a single feed.

Access to the Nimbusec Blacklist is provided through Nimbusec Discovery and Nimbusec Website Security Monitor.