Did you know that we have a feature which enables to be notified via webhook? It's already available quite a while. But now we have released a new feature, which enables us to talk to an MS-Teams instance too, via webhook. 🙌

Some of our customers really liked the idea to get notifications from our website security monitor via our webhook notifier. But we encountered, that in some cases (like MS Teams) the webhook payload was rejected because they need a special format.

How does it work

Go to the settings, and there to notifications. Aside of the well known "Add Notification" button we added the button "Add Webhook".

Add Webhook Here

In the modal you now can choose to send in MS Teams format, or our own style (documented here in our Knowledge Base).

Don't forget to provide a recipient url, so we know who will listen on the request. As always select the domains you would like to get a notification for as well as the level (warning or alert) you would like to be notified.

Why MS Teams

Unfortunately Microsoft's Teams does expect a special formatted JSON payload coming from a webhook. So we implemented that on request.

If you use MS Teams within your organization, you are now able to configure a webhook in Nimbusec Website Security Monitor and get the notification directly and nicely formatted in Teams.

New settings screen