With the new released version of Discovery you now can add additional information to your discovered  domains. This is especially useful when it is information we cannot see from the outside e.g. The department the domain belongs to, or detailed city, importantness and more.

How to use

As always, we tried to design them as usable as possible. Just click on a domain and add / delete Tags on the very top position of the modal.

Add or Delete Tags just below the headline


In the report overview you have also a new option below the well known filter bar --> the tag-bar

You'll see all tags, which are set in this specific report. Click on the tags to shrink the list of domains to the ones of the selected tags.

Click on a tag to activate the filter and show only domains with this assigned tag.
Select multiple tags to shrink the list to the ones matching all activated tags. 

To show untagged domains, activate the "untagged" tag. Be sure to unselect all other active tags, else the result list will be empty.

Not only Nimbusec Discovery

Tags are not only meant for Nimbusec Discovery. Whatever you define now through Discovery, will in the future be visible for the other products as well.