A while ago we implemented some cool new insights in our continuous website monitoring suite.

You'll now see more about:

  • Redirects
  • HTTP Response Statuscode
  • HTTP Response Headers

Starting off on the Settings page for domains we refactored the table in a way to be more useful.

Nr. 1 - Linked Domains

Obviously that took long, but as it is there now, it is super useful. Especially with the other information on the settings page, you'll possibly want to dive deeper to the results immediately. So we linked this page to the domain details.

Nr. 2 - Scan Plans, removed active column

We merged the 2 columns "Plan" and "Status". Where the "Plan" showed in which bundle the domain actually was monitored and the "Status" showed if the domain is actually actively monitored or deactivated for some reason.

Now the "Plan" shows the bundle in which the domain will be scanned. That means the scanning is active. If there is no "Plan"-name, the domain is inactive and will not be scanned.

Nr. 3 - HTTP Status

Get a real fast overview how your websites responded the last time we came by. See which ones have problems, and which ones do good. Green always means good, and red, well..

Nr. 4 - Redirects

See how many redirects it took to get real contend delivered from a domain. That may be really interesting if there happened some misconfiguration. Errors happen, but knowledge is power. Everything can be fixed if you know where.

Domain Settings are just the first step. On Domain Details you'll get deeper insights.

New Block in Domain Details

In the first block of the domain details page, you'll notice a new block of info which adresses Redirects and HTTP Repsonse Headers.

We'll keep on working on that to extend the info and put some intelligence behind it.

Have a nice weekend. ✌️