The first snow is falling and with it a long called feature -> Timezone Support is finally here, and Discovery is faster than ever also for big reports!

Nimbusec Website Security Monitor:

  • Timezone Support
  • Update Safebrowsing blacklist to new API
  • Disable Malc0de
  • Stability and Bug fixes


  • Lightning Speed
  • Improved Auth Flow
  • Printable Reports

To make it clear: this is not the work of the last 6 months where the last release notes were published. But aside the great things we do day to day, there are also some things we’d like to share publicly.


We store our times a long time with timezone information but we never actually made it possible to let the user decide which timezone should be shown. During development we also recognized that working with timezones can be a headache like working with encoding.

But enough rant -> that is how it works now:

Set your preferred timezone

Just go to Settings from your user menu on the top right corner and switch to the Account Settings. Below the setting of your preferred language you can now choose the timezone for displaying the times.

Pro Tip: our API also supports working and setting the timezones. So no worries for those creating customers automatically over API. The updated documentation is already online in our knowledge base here.

Everything else

Google announced the deprecation of it’s old Safebrowsing API. Just before christmas we managed to upgrade to the new one, so alerts for that blacklist still work for the holidays. But we hope for serious holy silence during the season in this case.

Good bye Malc0de. We removed this blacklist from our service, as it produced more questions than answers. It just don’t fit our service and we do better with the remaining ones.

We regularly perform updates on our software, frameworks, libraries we use for the sake ofΒ Stability and Bugfixes. When you haven’t been to the portal recently, you will see, that it still works flawless and also a bit faster than before.

Lightning Speed

Discovery is one of the greatest tools ever invented. For a small amount of domains it was blazingly fast with a good response. But with more sources for discovering domains, and improvements and customer wishes, also the reports grew.

That means in numbers: a usual report where we discovered and scanned 500 domains, we produced about 3000 events, which was very easy for every browser and our underlying API to process. But with reports of 1500 up to about 4000 domains we discovered a limit that slowed the system down to no fun.

With intelligent server side processing of data, a lot of the data is already aggregated when it is sent to the browser, so the client has not to do as much as before. But half the loading time was not enough. So we did also performance tuning on our client side functions for displaying the mass of data.

At the end, we have a really fast responding and loading application, which is fun to use, and more productive than ever.

We hope you like what we do, and what you get. For any ideas nevermind to get in touch.

Happy Holidays πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰